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According to this ShareLaTeX page, marginparwidth is a dimension on its own. To get away from the corporate template (who knows what else is going on in there), I resorted to Dr. Korlie's sample LaTeX file and stuck the 2 usepackage statements after his setlength commands. Same thing (not just marginparwidth changes).

May 06, 2009 · I have written a book about assembly language programming using latex. I have quite a few margin notes in a marginparwidth of 72 pt. My book has quite a few code examples, for which I use the listings package.

I take it you're trying to take up the full width of the page. I nicked this from the tufte-latex class: First, define an 'overhang' amount that'll be added to the textwidth at the beginning and subtracted at the end: \newlength{\overhang} \setlength{\overhang}{\marginparwidth} \addtolength{\overhang}{\marginparsep}.

As you can see in the second example (\marginpar with options) the marginal text (in italic) which is supposed to be in the margin is not in the margin anymore. What I was hoping to see is the following. If this is not what the options for \Marginpar are there for, then I do not see why I need these options. LaTeX Stack Exchange!