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End Legalized Violence: Spanking: is it biblical? biblical spank spanking spank erotic

Biblical spank spanking spank erotic. Makes me rethink the whole idea. All the best to you. There are always going to be exceptions. For about three days. Beyond spanking, examples include (rather obviously) prohibition and, that prohibition echo otherwise known as the war on drugs.

Sep 20, 2014 · On Courting (and Spanking) a Christian Girl: Chapter 1 Guyspencer Home Page He never exactly came out and said that husbands should spank their wives, but when that familiar term “loving discipline” popped up, I got his meaning. but to touch it under her clothing seemed amazingly exciting and erotic!

Sep 20, 2016 · Does the Bible allow a husband to spank his wife? Now we need to apply this same method of searching the Scriptures to this area of wife spanking. Two Biblical Principles That Allow for Wife Spanking In fact I think wives who do not resist their husbands efforts to spank them and accept this as a Biblical form of discipline are.

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