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No symptoms in most people. Most people (8 out of 10) infected with West Nile virus do not develop any symptoms. Febrile illness (fever) in some people. About 1 in 5 people who are infected develop a fever with other symptoms such as headache, body aches, joint pains, vomiting, diarrhea, or rash.

West Nile Virus Symptoms. West Nile Virus symptoms in adults differ as some develop mild symptoms while others have more serious symptoms. Those who display mild symptoms will experience headache, fever, nausea and vomiting, which last for a number of days.

A patchy, red skin rash on the chest, back or stomach is also typical with West Nile Virus. The rash may sometimes be mistaken for measles because it appears morbilliform, or small, raised lesions. Rashes are usually considered a mild symptom, and many people with West Nile fever don’t ever.

What are the symptoms of West Nile virus infection? Four out of five people infected with West Nile virus don't have any symptoms. A few of these people may develop lingering infections that might Author: Daniel J. Denoon.