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Jun 17, 2019 · Lower cost year-round Christian therapeutic program and school for troubled teenage girls ($3,800/mo, which is roughly 65% less than the average therapeutic boarding school). Most girls in our program were either adopted or traumatized, and are acting out in their teen years.

Programs for Troubled Teens in Ontario, CA Therapy Insider is a superior family advocacy and consulting organization, providing assistance to parents of adolescents from Ontario, CA ; who may be experiencing separation anxiety and/or pain medication abuse/addiction obstacles.

Wingate Wilderness Therapy is a one of the nation’s top Therapy Programs for Troubled Teens — helping teens confront a number of enigmatic behavioral and mental health issues.

Sometimes a residential treatment program or boarding or alternate school for struggling students and troubled teens may be an option, or like hundreds of Canadian families have determined since 2001, the Venture Academy program with specialized clinical, therapeutic and educational supports.