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[The Adult ADHD Mind: Executive Function Connections] Symptoms of Executive Dysfunction at Work. These or similar manifestations of EFD may be apparent at work: In the morning, you rush around to get ready for work but still often end up being late. You plan to complete some work at home and pack up the items you need at the end of your work day.Author: Janice Rodden.

Like those with attention deficit disorder (ADHD or ADD), people with executive function disorder (EFD) often experience time blindness, or an inability to plan for and keep in mind future events that aren’t in the near-term. They also have difficulty stringing together actions to meet long-term goals.Author: Eileen Bailey.

The frontal lobe of the brain controls executive function - everything from our ability to remember a phone number to finish a homework assignment to avoid eating a hunk of chocolate cake. Learn Author: Brenda Goodman, MA.

Executive Function Coaching for Adults Self-Management Skills for Adults Weaknesses in Executive Function skills can become a serious liability in the professional, family, and personal spheres of .